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TheTexian will protect any information that you share with us as if it were our own. We will not rent, share, or sell your information to anyone other than as noted below.

We use non-personally identifying statistics for several purposes.

  • Google Analytics - we use this Google service in order to get reports about the nature and duration of traffic to our site. None of the information collected is personally identifiable. It helps us to determine which content is most useful to our visitors and to improve the site.
  • Affiliate programs - some of the links on our site are related to affiliate programs with various vendors. Some of them may use cookies (small non-executable files on your computer) to identify visitors to their sites as having come from our site. Again, none of the information in the cookies is personally identifiable. Their sole purpose is to ensure that we get credit for any purchasers that we may refer. We use Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, Linkshare, and LinkConnector to manage the relationships and we have affiliated only with reputable vendors (insofar as we know). We get dozens of offers to affiliate, but discriminately choose only those that may be of benefit to our customers.

If you provide to us your email address, we will consider that permission to enter it into our email subscription list and that we may from time to time send announcements, newsletters, special offers, etc. All such email communications will contain a link to immediately unsubscribe your address.

We will not share any personal information that you may provide to us other than to facilitate a purchase. We will not share your email address with anyone. This site does not directly collect any financial information. Should you link from our site to another, any transactions that you may conduct are solely with the other site. Any online purchases directly from TheTexian will use PayPal and we will ourselves collect no credit card or other payment information.

We are responsible only for the information and practices on this and other TheTexian sites. While we have made every reasonable effort to ensure that our links are only to reputable vendors (insofar as we know), we cannot be responsible for any practices on those external sites and assume no liability for same. We will terminate our relationship with vendors who become known to us as disreputable.

Your continued use of this site will constitute your approval to collect the information stated above.

Should you believe that violations of this policy may have occurred - or that one or more of our links are to disreputable sites, please contact us.

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