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The Texian bigDwebsitedesign.com was founded by Dana L. Wooley, a former corporate IT director with more than 25 years of experience in business information technology, to serve the technology needs of small and medium businesses, organizations, and professional practices in Dallas-Fort Worth, North Texas, and beyond. We know business - and technology. Are you looking for a web design business, or a business web design? You decide.

TheTexian is a locally-owned, independent Texas business that can make your "bidness" an e-"bidness"sm. Our founder is a seventh-generation, Dallas-area Texan.  We know how to talk your talk and treat you right - whether you're in the big city, out in the country, or anywhere in between. 

We mind your website so you can mind your businesssm. We are in business not to play with the latest computer toys for our own amusement, but to apply technology to help your business improve its bottom line. In order to do that, we take the time to understand your business needs and goals before we offer solutions. Be especially wary of those who give you answers without knowing the questions.

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  Corporate law number one - When CEOs make bad decisions, heads will roll - other than theirs, of course.


Our founder is a past-President and board member of the Cedar Hill Lions Club, current President (and two-term past-President) of the Cedar Hill Lions Club Charities, Inc, Cedar Hill Leo Club Advisor, and was charter member and two term past president of the Southwest's Best Referrals Chapter of BNI. Read more community...

We offer special, discounted rates to area non-profits. Non-profit websites

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Whether you call it a business website, or business home page, or business page, or business internet site, or business site, or business domain - TheTexian can put your business on the internet. You'll be found 24 hours a day - from anywhere in the world. More...

What we do

We can use our services to help your business increase profits, reduce expenses, and retain customers. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Affordable business website design and development
  • Group collaboration suites
  • eCommerce shopping carts
  • Email marketing and opt-in newsletters
  • Business and personal domain registration
  • Business and personal email accounts
  • Web hosting (choose from a variety of plans hosted at multiple, world-class data centers)
  • Technology consulting

Why us?

When you work with us, you benefit from:

  • Our founder's 25+ years of experience in corporate IT and programming.
  • A single point of contact and the close working relationship of a local company
  • Exclusivity - If we are engaged for on-going promotion, we will not work for your competition in the same city of 40,000 population or fewer. Otherwise, we will not work for them within a five mile radius of your location.
  • Fast and reliable networks
  • We use world-class data centers in Dallas, Kansas, and Arizona
  • A complete website solution

About our name

"Texian" (with an i) was the term used before the American Civil War to refer to the mostly American settlers of Texas who had migrated from the United States (Mexican natives of Texas were referred to as "Tejanos"). It was in widest use during the time of the Texas Republic and before the Texas Revolution. It is an homage to the pioneer Texas forebears of our founder. The appellation was eventually replaced in common usage by the now-more-familiar term, "Texan", which today includes Texas residents of all origins (although the hard-core grant the honor only to those born here.)

"BigD" is a nickname both for our home city and founder (given him by an elderly, ersatz Virginia gentleman).


Some of the technologies we use to build, manage, and promote websites:


Thanks for voting us Best Website Design Company, 2008 and 2009 Today Newspapers Readers' Choice Awards, 2010 & 2012 Southwest Best in The Suburban Newspaper, and 2011-2012 Readers Choice Awards in Focus Daily News.

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