receipt9How much does a website cost? The only truthful short answer is "it depends". The question is somewhat like asking "How much does a house cost?". There are many variables and each website owner's needs are different from others.

One must also consider quality and value. Not all website companies are equal. Not all can provide the same level of attention, support, and effectiveness.

We have bundled some of our offerings into 'packages' that provide a starting point for determining how  much your website will cost. Your needs may require additional components and labor than are included in the packages. In each case, we'll customize our offering to exactly fit your needs.

We typically will quote a "project price" of a fixed amount (we're not a big-time defense contractor with cost+ pricing). Some special services may also be quoted at an hourly rate that will vary depending on the type of service (programming costs more than non-technical work, for example).

What's Included

All website packages include technical development, editing of, and population of the website with YOUR content. Editing includes edits for readability and search enhancement. We know the average time required for those activities, and we have priced accordingly.

Content creation, however, is a highly variable activity, time wise. Consequently, our pricing for content creation will be at an hourly rate. Creation of content for your website is NOT included in the packages, but is available for an additional charge.

We can rewrite and transcribe notes and other materials that you may have, or we can develop the copy for your website. Rewriting typically takes about 1-2 hours per page. Writing original copy may take from 2-4 hours, or longer, per page. The biggest variable is the time spent with you and your employees, and in doing research for the content.

Packages also include up to five standard stock photos. Additional photos, premium photos, and recorded content are priced separately. We normally use or for images. You are welcome to browse the sites to find and purchase pictures to your liking. Their materials are searchable using keyword tags, size, orientation, and other variables.

If you make changes to your requirements during development, your pricing might increase and your delivery might be later than originally specified.

The table below will give you a guideline for making your choices. 



One time Charge

Dynamic Content Package FROM 1,499
Ecommerce Package FROM 1,599
Google Apps Package FROM 199
Youtube Channel page customization FROM 159
Blog set-up FROM 159
Facebook/Twitter business page set-up FROM 229
Local directory submissions FROM 125
Church website package FROM 599
Other non-profit websites   CALL

Monthly charges for hosting and administration start at $39/month

We offer many other services related to your website and internet promotion. Whatever you need, we will customize a solution for you - or recommend who can.

Payment Policies

  • We invoice via email.
  • Invoices are due either on receipt or net 10
  • You may pay online by credit card, echeck, or PayPal.
  • We typically require full payment of one time charges (OTC) and annual charges in advance.
  • Invoices for monthly maintenance/hosting shall begin 45 days after commencement of your project.
  • You may pay monthly charges by automatic recurring payment from your credit card or echeck.
  • You will receive a 5% discount for automatic payment of monthly charges, and you may specify the day of the month.
  • If you choose to pay monthly charges other than by automatic payments, you must pay on a quarterly basis and without discount.



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