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. That's what we do, but what does it mean? It means that we're focused on ensuring that your small or medium-sized business website produces results. Your website must be found to be effective. It needs the elements that people are looking for. If you sell goods, people expect to buy online. The online market exponentially expands your reach.

This is our business - not just a hobby.

What are the options for creating a small business website? There are plenty of choices for the do-it-yourselfer these days. You can get a domain, create a site, have it hosted - all for free. But is it really free? There may be no out-of-pocket costs, but you'll have to take the time to learn how to do it, then even more time to do it. Do you have the time to do all that?

You could do your own accounting, your own legal work, your own building maintenance - even your own dentistry! Would you? Are you moving your business forward when you spend time doing those things? Does it really save you money? Your time is money. The buzzwords are "core competency". If it's not what your business does - let the experts do it for you. We can make your website work for you. Contact us today.

Use a business website professional

Don't make your own website if you want to convey a professional image- use a professional web design firm with experience. Your website is no less important than the sign on your door - or your business card. In fact, it's much more important because it can be seen worldwide - all the time. Everyone expects your business to be on the internet. Are you? Is your site professionally designed? - or does it look like a do-it-yourself project?

Minding your website is what we do - so you can mind your business. We offer a wide range of products and services to fit every budget. We can get you started with a do-it-yourself project if you insist. We can use the inexpensive tools for you. We can create a site using elegant and affordable templates. We can make your site as elaborate as any on the internet. The major cost factor is time. Our time is maximized because we don't have the learning curve that you would need to get a site up alone. See the steps to a successful website here.

Don't have the time (or inclination) to do it yourself? Contact us today.

Types of websites

We offer three broad categories of websites.

  • Affordable, standard “brochure” website
  • Affordable, full featured dynamic content management system (CMS) website
  • Ecommerce website







Any Linux host

Almost any Linux host



HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript

HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript

HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript

Built in HTML editor




Design limitations


Few limitations

Almost none

Search optimization

No limits

Almost unlimited


Other limits


Bandwidth and CPU considerations are possible

Bandwidth, disk storage, and number of products are tiered



Robust code can be inefficient


Ease of update

Requires external HTML editor and/or FTP

Fair to Moderately complex


Ease of maintenance

Simple to complex

Simple to complex


Database applications

Discouraged due to cost of development, but otherwise no limits

Robust and moderately easy to maintain


* SaaS – Software as a service, i.e. hosted by vendor



Some of the technologies we use to build, manage, and promote websites:


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