Getting Started with Google Apps

Thanks for signing up with us for Google Apps for Business. Google Apps work best with the Google Chrome browser (download).

To get to your Google Apps, go to mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM (of course, replace YOURDOMAIN.COM with the name of your own domain).


Use the id and password that we sent you. You'll be prompted to change your password at first login. You should use a 'complex' password (the longer the better). Don't use dictionary words, birthdays, etc. Don't use the most common passwords. Some people really use 'password' or '123456' or 'abc123' or 'qwerty' or 'letmein' or other simple strings that can be cracked in milliseconds. Make your password at least 12 characters - 20 is exponentially better. Use a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. There are lots of techniques to devise complex, but easy to remember, passwords using character substitution, phrases, and acronyms. Microsoft suggestions.  Google suggestions.   Consumer Reports suggestions

Your email contains lots of information you don't want bad guys to know. Make it hard for them to get it. Even more secure is 'two-factor' authentication. Your Google account can be configured to use both your password and an ever changing code generated on your cellphone.

If you want a secure place to store your passwords (and, no, the sticky note on your monitor does not qualify) consider a password vault such as KeePass Password Safe. There are many other options.

The best place to start learning about Google Apps is the official learning site

Google Apps Desktop Shortcuts

To easily get to your Google Apps., download the Google Apps desktop. This will set up some shortcuts for you and launch your apps in a streamlined Chrome window. To get the desktop features, go to  (replace YOURDOMAIN.COM with your own domain name)

Microsoft Outlook

You probably won't need to use Outlook. We suggest trying Google Apps without it. There are some differences (see here), but most people can quickly adjust. One thing that we've heard most about is Gmail's default setting to show emails in conversation mode, with notes and replies grouped together. If you don't like that (as we do not), go to the gear icon at top right of your email panel, click settings, and go to the 'General' tab. Turn off conversational mode (if we haven't already done it for you).

If you really, really, really need Outlook, get Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. Follow the instructions at that link.

Mobile Set-up

To setup Google Apps on your mobile device (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows), find instructions here. After setup, you'll be able to use your Apps on all your devices and keep them in sync.

Other Apps

Be sure to explore using all the other applications in Google Apps for Business (Contacts, Chat, Calendar, Documents, Drive, Sites, and Groups). With Google Drive, you can store your documents safely and securely AND keep them in sync with your desktop.

Find some useful Tips & Tricks here.

The best place to start learning about Google Apps is the official learning site


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