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QuestionYou need us if your answer isYour answer
Does your business have a website? no
Are you satisfied with your website? no
Do you pay too much for annual domain registration? Domains no longer cost $35 a year. yes
Do you pay too much for hosting? yes
Does your website have current information? no
Does your website name identify your business - not just the free host? no
Does your website show ads that you don't want? or didn't choose? yes
Does your business email address identify your brand? no
Does your site take forever to load? yes
Are you using scrollable frames? yes
Do you have rotating or flying images? yes
Do you have a movie intro that says ..loading ...loading ...loading forever? yes
Does your movie intro have an "enter site" link? yes
Is your site completely rendered in movies and images? yes
Are you using only primary colors? yes
Are your images skewed or out of focus? yes
Is the navigation unorganized? yes
Do you know anything about your visitor traffic? how many? for how long? which pages? no
Does your site turn up in searches? no
Does your site have blinking text? yes
Do you need to add ecommerce to your site? yes
Do you need collaboration for your customers or employees? yes
Do you need more from your website? yes
Do you pay too much for advertising? yes


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